Advisory Notices:

Do NOT upgrade your Dexterit-E/GUI Computer to Windows 10 without our Upgrade Kit!

As the Dexterit-E computer is customized to run your Kinarm Lab, the Windows operating system cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 without adversely affecting your Kinarm Lab. Dexterit-E will NOT work.

For those of you who upgraded your Dexterit-E Computer after 1-Oct-18, please complete this questionnaire BT084 Win10 Upgrade Questionnaire.30-Jan-20 and contact  All customers in Japan will be provided with a kit through Miyuki Giken.

We kindly ask that you request the upgrade kit by 31-Jan-21.

If your Dexterit-E Computer is older than 1-Oct-18, and you want to upgrade to Windows 10, depending on the age of your Dexterit-E/GUI computer, you have one of two options:

Option 1: If your Dexterit-E Computer is PN 13108 or 13950 (see label on back of computer; looks like an Advantech ‘silver box’ computer), you can purchase our Upgrade Kit.

  • This kit will include a dedicated video card that has been tested to meet Kinarm requirements. (Win10 does not support our required video performance.)
  • If you have PN 13108, you also have the option of purchasing a dedicated back-up drive that was introduced in the 13950 model.

Option 2: If you have an older ‘black box’ GUI computer (PN 10885 or 11104), your computer cannot be upgraded and must be replaced. Contact: for a quote for a Dexterit-E computer upgrade.

  • Alternatively, disconnect your Dexterit-E computer from the university’s network to meet their compliance requirements. Dexterit-E does not need an active connection to the internet to run.