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Stephen Scott, PhD

Co-founder and CSO

Dr. Scott is an internationally recognized neuroscientist exploring both basic and applied research on sensorimotor function.

He is also the inventor of the Kinarm robot, which is used extensively in his research program. Dr. Scott has a B.A.Sc and M.A.Sc. degrees in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Ph.D. in Physiology from Queen’s University. He is a Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University.

“Kinarm has brought to life my vision of the KINARM robot that has ensured the technology is so robust that results generated can now provide the precision the field needs to really move forward. My research program has benefited hugely from having this technology. I hope others can similarly leverage the technology so we can collectively make an impact on managing brain injury and disease.”

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