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Polygon, Path, and Repeat Target

Three new target types were introduced in Dexterit-E 3.7: polygon, path, and repeat.  Polygons are targets that can specify up to 25 vertices. Paths are lines that connect up to 25 vertices. Repeat targets are targets that specify a circle, ellipse, rectangle, triangle, or line and draw it at up to 25 different locations.

In this task, the “Make VCODES” embedded MATLAB function block creates one example Vcode of each of the above target types to show what the new vcodes in Dexterit-E 3.7 can look like. Details on using the new Vcodes can be found in Section 10.7 VCodes – Programming Visual Stimuli of the Creating Task Programs for Dexterit-E™ 3.7 guide.

Last tested in Dexterit-E 3.10 and MATLAB 2015a.

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