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Review data files captured with Dexterit-E software from a Kinarm™ Lab and share results with others

This software allows you to review subject behaviour post-experiment and ensure all task instructions were followed, allowing you to better understand the details of subject behaviour so you can guide/lead possible approaches to analysis.


Specifications & Information Sheets

  • Anyone can download Dexterit-E Explorer to allow shared viewing of Kinarm data; a current maintenance contract is not required.
  • Supported operating systems include: Windows 7, Windows 10 or Mac OS X.
  • Shows animations of subject behaviour collected using Dexterit-E software, including limb positions and visual stimuli presented on the subject display.
  • Shows time-based graphs of data collected during an exam, including time-stamped event markers.
  • Allows the creation of high quality movies and images of subject behaviour and/or data traces.
  • Allows for creation and viewing of Kinarm Standard Test (KST) Reports and exporting of analysis results as a CSV file.
  • Allows for viewing experiment-related parameters collected during an exam.
  • Reviewing subject behaviour post-experiment:
    • to ensure that task instructions were followed;
    • to better understand details of subject behaviour so as to guide/lead possible approaches to analysis (e.g. using MATLAB™).
  • Reviewing system behaviour during custom task development to ensure proper functioning of the system.
  • For visually disseminating/explaining research studies collected in Kinarm Labs.
  • For creating task instructional videos for use with a Kinarm Lab.
  • Note: it cannot be used to create or change any information in a Dexterit-E database.

Download the latest version of Dexterit-E Explorer for Windows or Mac OS X. 

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