The classic Scott KINARM was great, but now it is even better…

IMG_3301Stiffer: A completely new linkage design has increased both vertical and in-plane mechanical
stiffness by 2-3 times. Stiff force channels are now possible.

Vertical out-of-plane stiffness: 8,500 N/m
End-point in-plane mechanical stiffness: ~16,400 N/m

Greater Accessibility to the Head: The motors are mounted below the shoulders thus enabling full access to the head. Now you can use TMS – and any other head-mounted peripheral – without having to “squeeze it in”.

IMG_195225% More Torque:
16.5 Nm (peak), 5.5 Nm (continuous)

• No More Analog: The electronics have been upgraded to all digital communication using the EtherCAT protocol.

• Quiet and Smooth: With EtherCAT, we’ve changed the servo amps, eliminating the audible noise and slight jitter felt with the Classic. Subjects perceive smoother movements.

The NEW KINARM Exoskeleton is now generally available.  Contact: for more information and pricing.

Download the KINARM Exoskeleton’s New Look