New for 2024, we will not be holding our annual Kinarm Camp and are instead directing new trainees to use our new “on-demand” Kinarm Academy. Additionally, registrants will be able to participate in ‘live’ help during the month of May.

Our Rationale

Kinarm Camp, our boot camp in programming custom tasks, has been attended by over 140 participants during the past 10 years.  Delivering camp has always been a lot of fun for our staff.  We know that Campers and ourselves have benefited tremendously from the stimulating questions and scientific inquiry.  It has helped us learn a LOT about how YOU use Kinarm and has driven the development of new features.

As with all programs that are very ‘high touch’, we realized in the before times that scaling this program as the Kinarm user base grew would be a challenge.  With now over 135 Kinarm Labs installed around the world, and with many of you taking on summer students with expectations of programming projects over the summer, we realized we could not keep up with demand for this program either in-person or on-line.

What is Kinarm Academy?

Last year, as part of the launch of our new website, we reworked the “Learning & Support” section of our website and have started building on-line learning content in Kinarm Academy.  The academy provides two curriculums based on your primary discipline: Basic Researchers or Clinical Researchers. Each curriculum provides an ordered list of training videos with user guides and supporting resources (including exercises and solutions) to guide the new user in how to operate the Kinarm Lab and how to create Custom Task Programs.  The core of Kinarm Camp is now embedded in the section on Custom Task Programs.

Importantly for you, access to the Academy is FREE, any time, to all Kinarm users – with or without a paid Support subscription.  All you need is a login to our website.  Go here to register

How to get Help

The one big deficiency with on-line asynchronous learning is the loss of “TA Help”; the one-on-one learning experience of solving a problem together – either with another Camper or one of our trainers.

To address this limitation,  for May 2024, we will host ‘Kinarm Academy Live Help’ every Friday from 1-2 pm Eastern Time.

The event is free to everyone with an active Kinarm Support subscription.  Pre-registration is required to ensure we can manage the demand.   Please register here.

Questions? Contact Anne at .