KINARM CAMP 2016 Logo20160608_132846 20160608_092908 20160610_101330KINARM Camp was once again a resounding success.

The camp was held June 5 – 10 , 2016 in Kingston, Ontario on the beautiful campus of Queen’s University.

Over a period of 5 days, 12 Campers from 10 different sites, received in-depth training on Custom Task development for KINARM Labs.


Here’s what this year’s campers said about Camp:

“KINARM Camp helped me to achieve the right amount of programming freedom that I needed for my science!”
“I cannot think of a better way to learn how to use the KINARM than to attend KINARM camp. The trainers adjust their content and teaching on an individual basis, allowing both the total novice and the more advanced to walk away having learned something new and valuable. Thank you BKIN!”
“KINARM camp was definitely worth investment. The sessions were clear and had realistic aims for folks with minimal or considerable programming experience. The facilitators were also very helpful”.
“Because of KINARM Camp, my research prospect has a bigger and brighter future!”
“KINARM camp helped me to get started with and excited about something I never thought I could: programming in Matlab/Simulink. Thank you all so much!”
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