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Transferring code from end-point to exoskelton

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Joseph Galea asked 6 years ago
At a very general level, how complex is it to transfer code used on an end-point robot to an exoskeleton robot and vice-veraa?
Koloman Varady Staff replied 6 years ago

It’s very easy. If a model doesn’t have loads, it will run on either system as is.

When loads are present in a model, you only have to do a conversion as the Endpoint (EP) loads are forces (you push the handle in a direction) while the exoskeleton (EXO) loads are torques (rotations about elbow and shoulder). We do however provide a Forces to Torques block in the TDK that lets you convert EP forces to equivalent EXO torques that you can connect to the KINARM_Exo_Apply_Loads block.

You can (and we often do in our own tasks) put a KINARM_Exo_Apply_Loads block and a KINARM_EP_Apply_loads block in the same task. When the Dexterit-E configuration is Endpoint, it will ignore the EXO block and use the EP block (and vice versa). In this way, you only need one file.

Let me know if you have any further questions!