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Parameter not Found in Dexterit-E

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 11 years ago
From Jordan: I've programmed a new task that seems to build without any problems. But when I attempt to load the task program in Dexterit-E I receive an error: "Parameter not found." The bottom line in the command window of xPC Target says, "System:   initializing application finished," which may give some idea of where the problem is occurring. Do you have any advice on how to locate or fix this problem? I'd be happy to provide more information if there's anything that might help diagnose this.
1 Answers
Duncan McLean Staff answered 11 years ago
The error occurred any time the Process_Video_CMD block was embedded in another block. The Process_Video_CMD block apparently needs to reside at the highest level of the simulink model and not within a subsystem.  The Trial Control and Data Logging blocks must also be in the root.