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Hand in moving target

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Rauf Iftikhar asked 2 years ago
I used the sample moving target task to build my own custom task with a moving target, however I would like to have the target change states (color) when the hand is in/out of the target. Currently, the HandInTarget boolean is only true when the hand is in the initially defined position of the target from the target table, not in the instantaneous moving position of the target.
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Koloman Varady Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Rauf,

You can unlink the HandInTarget block from the library and modify it so that instead of using the Target Table position it uses the current position of the target (as stored in its vcode).

An example of that is inside our visuomotor rotation sample task: https://dev.kinarm.com/task/visuomotor-rotation-task/