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Generating an auditory GO

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Duncan McLean Staff asked 9 years ago
From vanDonk I am trying to generate an auditory GO signal either through the LG TV on the KinARM EP or from a buzzer connected via BNC cable, but I have no been able to do so. I have attempted to follow the instructions in the manual (7.19 Digital Input/Output) however, I am still unable to generate a buzz. So far the steps that I have taken are this (buzzer via BNC cable): 1) Create a new output 2) Insert Analog output block for PCI 6229 and connected the output 3) Create "sound" in TP and defined it as an integer 4) Inside stateflow set sound=0 as an initial condition, and sound=1 when I would like the tone to occur. Our buzzer uses a simple 10ms, 5-volt square wave though a BNC connection. It doesn't change frequency like a speaker. It just buzzes. It's not clear how to set up outputs in Simulink. We had originally used the "PCI-6229 DO" to send the signal; however, this got us nowhere. I think there is a bit of confusion on our end as to what input/output we should connect the buzzer to. So in the block parameters for the PCI-6229, we defined the vector to be 1:32 hoping one of the vectors would trigger the buzzer, but this got us nowhere either, which makes us think that we programmed something wrong somewhere else. I am sure the fix is simple but I would appreciate any help, Thanks, Mike
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 9 years ago
What type of signal are you sending the analog output? You would need to send it something like a sine wave in order to get a sound to generate.  If you are using a sine wave (or similar) already then ow have you got the BNC outputs hooked up? Are they hooked up to an amplifier before they go to a speaker? There are a few things you can look at to see what is going on. First, you should likely be using the "PCI-6229 DO" block to send out your signal. This should send out roughly a 5v signal. Next, you can use an xPC Scope block hooked up to the signal you are sending into the digital output block to check what you are sending the block.  If what you are sending the block looks like it should generate a 10ms square wave then your final check is to use an oscilloscope to verify that the signal is going to the connection you think it is. If that still doesn't seem to be working please let us know and we can try a few more things.