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Duncan McLean Staff asked 12 years ago
I'm trying to log custom parameters (e.g. offset cursor positions, parameters extracted from the target table, etc.).  How do I do this?  When I try to mux or bus-then-convert-to-vector my parameters into the create custom data subsystem, I get an error in Dexterit-E at runtime saying that I'm listing indices out of bounds.  The size of my total data frame including my custom log parameters is only 80+, well under the 300 max specified.  I've set Not Logging Custom Data in the Create Custom Data Subsystem to 0, and it seems to mirror the systems for analogue input and event logging.  How do I get my custom parameters logged??  Code added below.
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Duncan McLean Staff answered 12 years ago
The best way to get the data you'd like into Dexterit-E is to use the "analog inputs" input on the DataLogging block. Looking at your model, I'd suggest against any customization in the DataLogging or GUI Control blocks. Customizing those blocks makes upgrading to new versions of Dexterit-E much harder as those blocks dictate how Dexterit-E interacts with your model. In order to add the extra channels you'd like you should: Add all of the extra channels you want to gather to the mux going into the "analog inputs" input on the DataLogging block Edit your protocol in Dexterit-E to name and save all of the extra inputs you have added.