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Pediatric Neurological Disease and Injury

Study Children as Young
as Five Years Old

With Kinarm, you can quantify children’s complex upper limb dysfunction, as found in patients with cerebral palsy, or those who suffered from a perinatal ischemic stroke. It can also support quantification of impairments in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and autism. 

Better Your Research with Kinarm

Quantify Complex Upper Limb Dysfunction.

This can be found in children who have suffered from perinatal ischemic stroke or have Cerebral Palsy.

Identify and Quantify.

Kinarm allows you to identify impairments in the ‘unaffected’ limb.
Uncover the Best Treatments.
Individualize therapeutic approaches by targeting therapy to kinematic deficits.
Measure response over time to novel interventions; quantify motor development in children.
Measure with Accuracy.
Find What Others Miss.
Identify and quantify subtle impairments that may go undetected by pediatric clinical measures.

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